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Our restaurant is equipped with an air purification device - virus destroyer - from the company CAEREO. For further information, click here.

The restaurant is located in the center of Unterschleissheim B3 Gastronomy

The special compositions of the dishes and the high quality and freshness of the ingredients make a visit to our restaurant a special experience.


Homemade strong beef broth | A,E

with meat and noodles

Small mixed salad plate from the market | F

with house dressing/vinaigrette

Baked goat cheese | C,F

on a bed of lettuce with honey vinaigrette and caramelized walnuts

Beef fillet carpaccio | C

with arugula, Parmesan and a spicy horseradish dressing

Ham according to daily offer from the showcase (100g)

Sliced wafer-thin, air-dried ham

„Cheese Dream“ from the showcase (100g)

Mixed cheese platter according to daily offer

Black Tiger (5 piece) | B

fried with lemongrass on garlic baguette

Peperoni (4 piece) | G

filled with cream cheese

Bavarian tapas

with bread

"Munich Schnitzel" from pork | A,C,G,J

with mustard horseradish breading, served with french fries

Calf Liver

with roast potatoes and fresh onions

The best of the beef

Various meats with bacon beans and french fries

Schwabenpfanne | A,G,K

Pork fillet with creamy mushroom sauce, cheese spaetzle and roasted onions

Roast beef with onions

from beef tenderloin with fried potatoes and roasted onions

Fried zander fillet

with market vegetables and boiled potatoes

Wiener Schnitzel (Calf) | A,C,G

breaded and fried in butter

"Munich Schnitzel" from veal | A,C,G,J

in a breading of Dijon mustard and fresh horseradish

Goat cheese and fig burger | A,G,J

with Argentinian minced beef (125g), goat cheese, crisp lettuce and fig mustard

B3 Burger | A,G,K

with Argentinian ground beef (double), spicy cheddar, bacon, roasted onions, crisp lettuce, pickles and BBQ sauce

Fillet Steak (150 g)

the finest cut of beef

Roast beef with a crust of fat (250 g)

a hearty piece of loin, robust and tender

Rib-Eye-Steak (250 g)

the juicy piece of prime rib

Steak fries | G

Sweet potato fries

Baked potato with sour cream | G

Market vegetables from the pan

Fried potatoes with bacon and onions

beans with bacon

Toasted baguette with fresh garlic | A,G

Spicy Butter

Herbs | chili

Kaiserschmarrn | A,C,G

with applesauce

Pistachio Tart | A,C,G,H

on Baileys mirror with vanilla ice cream

Chocolate Cakes | A,C,G

with vanilla ice cream


Cereals containing gluten


crustaceans and products thereof


Eggs and products made therefrom


fish and products thereof


Peanuts and products made therefrom


Soya (beans) and products made therefrom


milk and products thereof




celery and products thereof


Mustard and products thereof


Sesame seeds and products made therefrom


sulfur dioxide and sulphites


Lupins and products made therefrom


molluscs and products thereof


Sportplatzstraße 16c

85716 Unterschleissheim

Tel.: 089 / 32 60 37 37